Landor UV Curable Coatings

The smart alternative to film lamination:

Landor UV Curable Liquid Coatings – Primer, Finishing, Protection

In the early days of printing, the primary role of a top coat was to provide protection, and nothing more. Since then, the world has moved forward, creating new requirements and imperatives. The Marashield product portfolio was developed specifically to meet and exceed today’s new expectations:

Primer: UV inkjet inks often fail to adhere properly to challenging substrates, such as glass. We use an evenly-applied primer as a bonding layer. And this means UV flatbed printers can be used for a far greater range of applications than ever before.
Finishing: The competitive advantage of an eye-catching, professional look cannot be underestimated. Whether glossy or matte, your print projects will attract the right kind of attention.
Protection: High resistance to abrasion, chemicals, harmful UV rays, or even graffiti is often promised, but seldom delivered. Marashield Liquid Coatings have been put through their paces, and have passed numerous standardised and certified tests with flying colours.

Benefits for your business

  • Lower material costs: Liquid Coatings are considerably less expensive than laminating films, depending on material and application
  • Lower process costs: Liquid Coating by means of roller coating eliminates the need for time-intensive post-print cutting
  • Purpose-designed: Products specifically designed for each application instead of all purpose coatings of unspectacular quality
  • Consistent quality: Machine application for industrial and reproducible quality – on rigid and flexible substrates
  • Suitable for outdoor use: With a high-grade sandwich combination of film, ink, and coating
  • First-class results: Whether glossy or matte, our coatings provide complete and even coverage without “orange peel effect”

Landor UV-AG Anti-Graffiti Coating

Applied using roller coating, UV-AG ensures that any soiling or graffiti can be removed easily, without harming the advertisements original printed surface.

  • Anti-graffiti varnish
  • Protective finishing
  • UV-curable

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-CBG Corrugated Coating

UV-CBG is suitable for roller-coating digital prints on cardboard materials. These applications include e.g. displays, a variety of interior design objects made of Reboard® materials, and printed packaging.

  • For cardboard and corrugated board material
  • UV-curable
  • High-gloss coating
  • Suitable for post processing steps such as folding or cutting

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range


Landor Marashield UV-CGL White Glass Primer

UV-curable ink for full-area roller coating onto flat glass. In addition to the currently available UV-CGL 170 Opaque White further brilliant colour shades will soon be obtainable.

  • 2-component coating
  • Very good adhesion to glass
  • Very high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • High opacity

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-FXG / FXM – Flexible Coating

UV-FXG and UV-FXM are suitable for roller-coating onto digital prints on flexible materials such as self-adhesive PVC foils and tarpaulin materials (plasticised PVC).

  • For flexible substrates
  • UV-curable
  • High-gloss (FXG) or matte (FXM) coating

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-PGL  Glass Primer

UV inkjet inks often fail to adhere properly to challenging substrates, such as glass. Sufficient adhesion is provided by roller-coating the glass panes edge-to-edge with primer UV-PGL.

  • Silicone-free, two-component primer for glass
  • UV-curable
  • Highly transparent
  • Very high mechanical and chemical resistance

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-RG / RM

UV-RG and UV-RM are suitable for roller-coating onto digital prints on rigid materials such as various plastics, wood, aluminium composite panels (Dibond®), and cardboard and corrugated board material.

  • For rigid substrates
  • UV-curable
  • High-gloss (RG) or matte (RM) coating

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

How do I get some?

All UK and european Distribution and support is managed by Landor UK Local distribution is managed through our appointed Distributors who Stock Our speciality Products. We are always available to you for all Technical, application advice and pre sales support. We want you to get the best out of our products so we encourage you do contact us. We will be happy to help with Liquid Laminates, Liquid Laminator, Clearjet Inkje sprays and accessories, and related products or if you feel we can bring you added value.

Contact: +44 1204 265266

Liquid Lamination sales or technical enquiries will be answered by our team at landor.

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