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Landor Liquid Laminates and Laminators are used at home and in production environments to enhance images and protect highly valued prints. Liquid lamination is an alternative to film lamination and can be the only solution for applications like fleet graphics, canvas, hung digital wallpaper and much more.  Liquid Laminates are the most flexible method of laminating having no width restriction unlike their film lamination cousins, and provides high quality finish with a hand roller or an automated machine.  From using it at home on canvas to commercial Fleet Graphics and everything in the middle (plus all the things we don’t know about it yet!). We are discovering new uses for Liquid Lamination by the continual feedback we have from our customers in the UK and throughout Europe.  With their innovative and forward thinking approach for new application ideas they are keeping one step ahead of their competitors.

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All UK and european Distribution and support is managed by Landor UK Local distribution is managed through our appointed Distributors who Stock Our speciality Products. We are always available to you for all Technical, application advice and pre sales support. We want you to get the best out of our products so we encourage you do contact us. We will be happy to help with Liquid Laminates, Liquid Laminator, Clearjet Inkje sprays and accessories, and related products or if you feel we can bring you added value.

Contact: +44 1204 265266

Liquid Lamination sales or technical enquiries will be answered by our team at landor.

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