Enhance And Protect Your Inkjet Prints

The easy to use, spray coating for Use with Paper Film, Canvas, Vinyl, plastic and most other types of print media


Easy To Protect And Easy To Use

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Key Benefits :
  • Immediately transform your inkjet prints into water resistant, scratch and UV resistant Prints
  • No Clean-Up’ Fast Dry, Easy to spray Aerosol Cans
  • Highly flexible, and versatile, indoors our outdoors
  • State of the Art UV Inhibitor guarantees extended resistance to Fading
  • Highly-Flexible
  • Water proof, washable, and scratch resistant
  • Premium UV protection unlike most other standard sprays`
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ClearJet AFA by LandorUK, is a premium quality inkjet print spray specially developed for the fine art Photographic and Professional markets. Landor Clearjet AFA inkjet sprays protects your image with an easy to use and flexible inkjet Spray coating Laminate and is compatible with most inkjet printable media. Clearjet AFA is guaranteed to extend the life of your prints and resist all elements that would otherwise limit the life of your print without this coating and the protection it provides. Due to certain limitations in Desktop, inkjet Dye, and  pigmented inks especially, exposure to water, abrasion, UV light would usually limit the life of your inkjet prints. You can even wash your prints when coated with Clearjet. Landor ClearJet Liquid laminate Inkjet spray coating is compatible with most substrates, including canvas, and fine art papers especially,  due to its speciality development for this range of products. Landor ClearJet AFA is optimised for standard (water-based) inks , is a special formatulation to work with Canvas and fine Art inkjet prints Your prints can also be further enhanced with the choice of Gloss/ semi gloss/ and low gloss finish. For Additional information check out our product information: All about Clearjet Inkjet Sprays, produced by MarabuIf you would like more information about Protecting inkjet prints generally please check our page about Protecting Inkjet Prints



Clearjet AFA :-            463ml Aerosol Spray Can ; Available in Gloss, Semi Gloss A2000 version – For Fine Art Canvas & Fine Art paper

For other inkjet media (inkjet photo Paper, Vinyl, plastics, wood, Metal use Clearjet A2000 below

Clearjet A2000:-       463ml Aerosol spray Can; Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Low gloss (Matt) AFA Fine Art Version

Please note that all inkjet sprays, in order to fully protect your prints contains solvent so should be used in well ventilated work areas. This is the only technology available for water sensitive Inkjet prints. However do contact us if you have water resistant inkjet films or canvas and you would prefer to use a water based protective coating laminate.

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All UK and european Distribution and support is managed by Landor UK Local distribution is managed through our appointed Distributors who Stock Our speciality Products. We are always available to you for all Technical, application advice and pre sales support. We want you to get the best out of our products so we encourage you do contact us. We will be happy to help with Liquid Laminates, Liquid Laminator, Clearjet Inkje sprays and accessories, and related products or if you feel we can bring you added value.

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