Faster & Accurate Graphic Installs with Action Tac

No Mess - Quick To Dry - Easy To Protect

Action Tac – Application Fluid

Easy To Protect And Easy To Use

Upto 12% off
Features :
  • Less Aggressive Than Other Fluids
  • Will Not Attack Transfer Tape and Cause Separation
  • One Product for All Grades Of Vinyl
  • A Great Prep and Cleaning Agent – One Product Does the Whole Job
  • Less Clean-Up Residue
  • Smells Good, No Harmful Odors
  • Works Great!

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The frustration of contending with bubbles, poor adhesion, slow and difficult application times and especially difficult to apply in colder weather is addressed with the use of Landor Action Tac wet apply application fluids.
As well as standard surface apply Action Tac , you will also achieve further ease of application when applying to glass surfaces with our specially formulated Window Juice for glass surfaces..What can otherwise take hours can be done in less time, with less difficulties and with less skill as well.

First of all you will have more control over your application to surfaces. What would usually take hours now could be done in virtually minutes. And in many cases, (most) you don’t need anyone to help you either! First of all Action Tac also acts as a cleaner so it will clean the substrate and most surfaces without leaving any residue ensuring the installation and its area is contamination, dirt and dust free. This is the first key to a good wet apply installation. This process will help to “float” the vinyl until it is accurately and firmly positioned without sliding. Just enough viscocity to prevent slipping and yet allowing you also to place the film accurately . One of the key attributes of the Action Tac is to contend well with the surface tension of the adhesive film before placement hence enabling it to flow and then bond to the surface effectively and more efficiently than a dry apply method. Within no more than a couple of minutes.


Not only will you achieve quick to apply, but you will have less install failures, and the quality of the installation will be more accurate and presentation clearly enhanced. The ease of applying onto certain surfaces will certainly be immensely improved.

Action Tac is also a great general use cleaner which is water based and you can use it to prep a wall and also to clean the graphic to maintain the quality and value of your graphic installation. Action Tac is available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre Bottles.

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