Starlam Liquid Laminator By Landor Liquid Lamination

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The Starlam 1.6m Liquid Laminator

Protects, Enhances and Extends the life of your Digital Inkjet Prints

All too often, despite the advance, durability and resistance of inkjet inks just do not meet the quality or life span expected on most inkjet Substrates. Although we would all like to reduce one or more processes, the expectation and criteria of the digital print cannot be achieved with some form of protection. Especially when prints are exposed to a more aggressive environment digital prints can be easily still damaged. When production and installs are carried out there is nothing worse than a damaged Print. Public areas, high traffic venues, indoor and outdoor water rain, dirt and pollution can quickly degrade the quality of prints. With the Landor Starlam Liquid laminator you can be certain to achieve the added life and protection your prints need to satisfy need and expectation.

If you have a small project and cannot see the long term need to acquire a liquid laminator, do not hesitate to contact us as we may have a temporary solution where you can rent or try before you buy the Landor Starlam liquid laminator. Even a small job may be sent to our R&D Department where a job as small as 5-10m may be carried out for you. Let us know what projects you have that require added protection and we will see what we can do to meet your needs.  Call us on +44 1252 624411 or email us :  

7 Comments on “Starlam Liquid Laminator By Landor Liquid Lamination”

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Starlam Liquid Laminator By Landor Liquid Lamination – Liquid Lamination

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