Protecting Your inkjet Prints -Expand the Value and Life of your Digital Prints

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All too often we hear ink and printer manufactures say that digital prints do not require lamination. Sadly this statement is rarely followed up with or related to the individual conditions that the prints will be exposed to.

At Landor Liquid Lamination, we totally understand and respect the financial, time, labour restraints of most digitally printed ink applications and equally the attraction to avoid the need for printed ink protection. We are proud and committed  to offer the right choice that needs to be personal and valuable for the end client, or application. 

The key point is actually the value of the project, and whether its added protection will retain or enhance the value of any project – be it commercial, artistic, domestic or industrial. Digital wall coverings, or surface applied prints will be vulnerable to the traffic and the environment that the prints are exposed to whatever they may be. We therefore recommend that the project value, and its longer term value be equally considered. The time and the cost for the protection of digital prints far outweigh the pain and the cost when a digital print fails. Again it is down to the client. All too often the thought of extra cost is the key topic when in fact the application should be reviewed more to its value and the protection of the asset /Print as well as its desirable, or expected lifespan but also what the level of risk is as well as the potential cost will be if it should be damaged and needs to be replaced.

For a short term interior display, such as an exhibition or a branding event for a few days or a few weeks, and it is definitive that the environment will not adversely affected the printed image,  then the elimination of protection and the cost implications can potentially be justified.

However for longer term and longer life prints, it is essential to balance the merits for and against added protection, and include the longer term value that is the key objective. Whereas you are producing an investment, or an asset for a client, or you are the client, it is the value that needs analysis and thought. We are often asked how long will a print last. This is entirely down to the environment, and the predictable effects that can alter the quality, durability and the longevity of a print. And one must not forget the expectations of both the client, and the producer. 

Often it is the cost that overrides the value of the asset and proposition. If a branding event is taking place outdoors the brand owner simply does not want to compromise their brand presentation, image and reputation. The added cost will always represent the added value of the article, print or asset.

Wallcoverings are rarely protected because it is perceived that no one will touch or scratch the print. But in high traffic areas the quality of the print unprotected will very quickly degrade.   We often get calls for assistance when the longevity or durability of prints have not reached the wish of the client, and fortunately one of the key features of Liquid lamination means that you can even coat and protect your prints after you have installed them as you can do this easily by hand with a roller, or brush or paint pad. 

The key advantage of liquid lamination is its flexibility and its elasticity. This means almost any material can be coated as long as it does not have perforations in them.

The most common and most necessary applications where Liquid Lamination is the sole solution to protecting prints are Outdoor flex face signs, Vehicle graphics including Vehicle wraps, Vehicle Livery, Truckside curtains, Outdoor branding and advertising, indoor wall or surface coverings, inflatable bouncy castles, Retail point of sale advertising and promotions, Public event decoration, advertising and branding, Canvas and fine art prints or archival print requirements – anything anywhere when use and handling or environments are likely to prematurely limit the desired or expected life of a print. As a rule of thumb any given print in any given environment will usually enjoy double the life that it would otherwise last without liquid lamination protection. 

At Landor, we recognise the perceived added cost, labour and time for liquid lamination protection. With over 18 years experience we are pleased and committed to assisting you with the added value and benefit that Liquid Lamination can and will bring your projects. We welcome your call for assistance and will do what we can to reccomend the necessary and essential protection you may need and help you make this a success for your business or your personal needs. 



8 Comments on “Protecting Your inkjet Prints -Expand the Value and Life of your Digital Prints”

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