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Liquid Lamination, also sometimes referred as Digital Varnish, liquid laminates, digital coatings, provides Image Enhancement & embellishment, Abrasion resistance, Added protection against UV fade, and possesses some different as well as increased flexibility and protection compared to Lamination films. Liquid Laminates are Easy to apply, with no special skills or capital equipment necessary. You can appreciate why Landor Liquid Lamination from the world’s leading manufacturers, is the number one choice for Industrial, commercial and home users alike. The flexibility of Landor Liquid Lamination means you can protect your canvas print at home with a hand roller and tray, spray laminate. Our ClearJet inkjet spray is also available in an aerosol can. Use a Liquid Lamination Machine from 1.6m to 3.3 metre wide or use a number of other techniques (Hand roller, Spray, Paint Pad). Whatever you are trying to do, Landor Liquid Lamination Landor will guide & support you fully in the selection and the use of the right Landor Liquid Laminates. We are here to help you so do call us on +44 (0) 1252 624 411 or email ‘I want to know more about Liquid Lamination’, for a personal consultation, support and advice.

Protection, Enhancement of flexible media like banners, Canvas, Self adhesive vinyl, Wallcoverings, Vehicle Graphics and truck curtain sides is essential for the longevity and durability of these prints. Use the Clearshield Classic, or Anti Graffiti Liquid Laminates from Landor. For the current trend in Bespoke Wallpaper Printing and vehicle wraps, Landor Liquid Lamination is applied after the print is applied for better protection; you can’t do that with a film laminate!!

Don’t let glare obstruct your enjoyment of your beautiful feature wall either, so instead make colours come alive and be protected with Wallpaper Matte or using Landor’s satin finish liquid laminate coating.

Want to Laminate a 7m x 5m banner with an Anti Graffiti finish? No problem, read on and let Landor Liquid Lamination open your mind to more solutions.

Make the application of vinyl onto surfaces easier with the use of the Landor range of Application Fluids, ActionTac, Splash and Window Juice. Grafix Gone which softens adhesive for easy removal. It doesn’t damage plastic and eliminates the need for additional cleaning.

Find out more in the new Landor Apps Brochure.

How do I get some?

All UK and european Distribution and support is managed by Landor UK Local distribution is managed through our appointed Distributors who Stock Our speciality Products. We are always available to you for all Technical, application advice and pre sales support. We want you to get the best out of our products so we encourage you do contact us. We will be happy to help with Liquid Laminates, Liquid Laminator, Clearjet Inkje sprays and accessories, and related products or if you feel we can bring you added value.

Contact: +44 1204 265266

Liquid Lamination sales or technical enquiries will be answered by our team at landor.

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